Expert Computer Vision Solution Provider

Agmanic Vision is an expert computer vision provider based in Quebec, Canada. We help product manufacturers improve quality and functionality through AI-driven computer vision. Engineering Managers turn to us when:

  1. Losing time and money due to quality defects in production and distribution
  2. Seeking to automate manual processes through vision-enabled robotics
  3. Integrating computer vision and AI functionality into their products

What We Do: turn-key computer vision solutions

We deliver turn-key computer vision solutions for industrial inspection, robot guidance and embedded vision. The core functions are image acquisition, image processing and interactions with surrounding systems. We also deliver peripheral functionality including user interfaces, data logging & analysis and supporting automation - learn more.

Industrial Inspection


Robot Guidance


Embedded Vision


Differentiators: Why work with Agmanic Vision



We focus on computer vision, nothing else, enabling us to solve tougher computer vision problems and deliver solutions faster than general automation companies. Our team works on vision applications everyday, making them the best in the field.


Flexible Approach

We adjust our scope and involvement based on the capability and availability of our clients. Our deliverable ranges from targeted consulting services to develop algorithms and select components, through to fully integrated turn-key computer vision solutions.


Specialized Tools

We use highly specialized internally developed vision tools, enabling us to go beyond the limits of off-the-shelf vision solutions. By applying the latest Artificial Intelligence techniques to image processing, we have a unique capability in the market.

Improve product quality and functionality

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